Canada’s 8 Most Beautiful Natural Wonders Are Free in 2017; KC Dermody; Trips To Discover

Canada – Gros Morne National Park

Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland

It took Mother Nature 485 million years to mold what’s known as Gros Morne National Park today. This geological wonder in western Newfoundland is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that spans nearly 700 square miles as part of the magnificent Long Range Mountains. This area is not only home to charming seaside communities, freshwater fjords, rugged beaches, dense forest and dramatic cliffs, but it’s renowned for its complex geology. In fact, it was right here that the theory of plate tectonics was proven. Tablelands, a mountain of flat-topped rock, a type of which is usually found only deep in the earth’s mantle, is truly an awe-inspiring sight.

Cathedral Grove, MacMillan Provincial Park, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

At Cathedral Grove, you can take a walk back through ancient times.

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