The most overlooked islands in the world; Tara Donaldson; CNN

Dominica – Morne Trois Pitons National Park

From Sulawesi to Dominica, these underrated islands are often overlooked by travelers. But take a second look at 17 great islands for a crowd-free holiday.

(CNN) — Let’s be honest: Islands are rarely a hard sell, but some of these pretty places for always-needed indulgence get a little more love than others.

But on the world’s lesser-known islands, still-secret spots, aquamarine seas and a relative lack of selfie-snappers could add up to castaway vacations more noteworthy than those on islands always topping best-of lists.

From the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean, and a spot in the literal middle of nowhere, here are 17 less-boasted paradises worth adding to any travel lust list:

1. Cocos Keeling

Out in the beautiful middle of almost nowhere is Cocos Keeling, a place most people don’t even realize is probably the island of their dreams.

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