How a tiny island nation become the biggest empire the world; Steve McKenna; Stuff

UK – Maritime Greenwich

This is how epic seafaring endeavours helmed by iconic figures put the “Great” into Britain.

Britain’s shock foray into “Brexitland” may have been driven by voters’ concerns about immigration and their antipathy – or ambivalence – to the European Union.

But the referendum result can, in part, be explained by a nostalgia for the days when Britannia ruled the waves (free from the shackles of the bureaucrats of Brussels).

It was the country’s epic seafaring endeavours, helmed by iconic figures such as Captain Cook, Admiral Lord Nelson and Sir Francis Drake, that helped put the “great” into Great Britain, transforming it from a tiny island nation to the biggest empire the world has ever seen.


A Unesco World Heritage listing has been bestowed on this lovely London village thanks to its hoard of maritime treasures.

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