The win some, lose some heritage game; Vikas Dilawari; Mid-Day

India – Historic City of Ahmadabad

While we celebrate the inclusion of Ahmedabad in the World Heritage Site list, we mourn the dilution of the AMASR Act, which protects monuments across India.

Earliar this month, UNESCO declared Ahmedabad as a World Heritage city, making it the first such in India. While its addition to a distinguished list marked by other heritage sites like Bath, Edinburgh and Cairo, was being celebrated, an email petition titled Save Our Heritage for Future Generations was doing the rounds of the net. It was to oppose the proposed dilution of the Ancient Monument and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act (AMASR) 1958 that will now allow “public works” to be built within what was a 100 m buffer of prohibited area, as per the notification of 1992 and made into Act in 2010, around all ASI protected monuments. These monuments amount to about 3,686 in number.

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