Central African Republic

A map of the countries you should never visit; Joe Vesey-Byrne; MSN

Central African Republic – Sangha Trinational

There are only sixteen countries where the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises against all travel or travel to certain dangerous areas.

The British government advises against ‘all but essential’ travel to a further 40 places on earth.

Here are the more dangerous 16:

If you are unable to see the map, click here.

The FCO advises that UK nationals completely avoid these six, and advises nationals living there to make arrangements to get out as soon as possible.

  • Central African Republic
  • Libya
  • Somalia
  • South Sudan
  • Syria
  • Yemen

Each of these six countries contain some amazing heritage sites, culture, cuisine, and stunning scenery – but the safety of travellers always comes first.

Sangha Trinational, Central African Republic

Sangha Trinational is a UNESCO world heritage site, and is situated in the north-western Congo Basin, where Cameroon, Central African Republicand Congo meet.

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