Mothers vs. loggers: the destruction of Białowieża Forest splits Poland; Rachel Fritts; Monga Bay

Poland – Białowieża Forest

New laws are allowing unprecedented logging in Białowieża Forest, the largest lowland old-growth forest remaining in Europe.

  • A bark beetle outbreak has led Polish officials to begin large-scale logging across old-growth Białowieża Forest, home to bison, wolves and a rich cultural history.
  • The logging is opposed by everyone from scientists to the UN to the European Commission to a group of mothers concerned about the world their children will inherit.
  • The European Commission has recently declared that all logging should cease.

In a recently logged clearing outside Krakow, Poland, a woman sits on a tree stump, nursing her child. She looks down affectionately, her purple knitted cap and magenta jacket vividly defined against the subdued brown hues of the surrounding arboreal graveyard. She is not alone. Several other women are dotted about the clearing, sitting on tree stumps of their own.

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