Brihadesswarar Temple of Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu; Pratha Sharma; Sanskriti

India – Great Living Chola Temples

Also famed as the “Rajarajeshwara Temple”, “Rajarajeshwaram” and “Peruvudayar Temple”, this temple is located in Thanjavur in the State of Tamil Nadu. This temple is amongst the largest temples of India, and is a part of the UNESCO World heritage sites.

Although believed to be named after the king, it is precisely the presiding deity Lord Shiva who is known by the name of ‘Rajarajeshwara’. Later, it came to be known as ‘Brihadeeswara’ as synonym to the Great Ishwara.

Constructed by the Tamil king Arulmozhivarman, famously known as RajaRaja Chola in order to fulfill an order given to him in a dream.

This temple, built around 1010 CE is around one thousand years old, and gives an insight to the exquisite Chola Dravidian temple architectural style.


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