A road trip through Sicily is a trip across centuries; Siobhan Starrs; AP

Italy – Archaeological Area of Agrigento

Sicily sits at the toe of Italy’s boot, just 3.2 kilometers from the mainland, at its closest point, and a short ferry ride from the town of Messina. But our gateway to Sicily was on the other side of the island, flying into the capital Palermo.

We have holidayed in Italy before, but now with my partner and our 6-year-old daughter Kitty in tow, and two weeks at our disposal, we were ready for a road trip. Sicily’s size, culture, food and weather make it an enticing destination.

Located in the Mediterranean, Sicily has been of strategic importance from ancient times. The Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Saracens and Normans are just a few of the civilizations that invaded, each leaving their mark.

A rainy day led us to Palermo’s Royal Palace.

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