Too many tourists? Venice trying to manage flood of visitors; Adrian Mourby; CNN Travel

Italy – Venice and its Lagoon
Can Venice save itself? Locals say it’s drowning — not under the rising waters of the Adriatic, but under a flood of tourism.
The 20th century brought the world’s most famous archipelago a new airport, a new cruise terminal and even new railway lines across the old bridge connecting Venice to the Italian mainland. The city now receives 30 million tourists a year; however, many residents claim this is more than it can cope with.
Back in 2015, the head of the Italian Environment Fund, Andrea Carandini, warned that Venice was being crushed by mass tourism.
“Venice now has 50,000 inhabitants — a third of what it did in the 18th century — and yet it receives 30 million tourists a year,” Carandini said.
Venice is working hard to cope with its runaway popularity.

A better time to visit Venice?


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