Stunning Destinations In India To Catch A Glimpse Of The Most Elusive Animals; Yogini; Nativeplanet

India – Western Ghats

Wildlife in India is one of the popular choices of destinations for photographers, wildlife, and adventure enthusiasts. Luckily for us, India is home to some of the richest biodiverse regions in the world. The Indian Himalayas, the Western Ghats, the Eastern Ghats, etc., all contribute to a major chunk of the untouched and pristine wildlife. The wildlife not just contributes to the beauty of our planet but also plays a major role in maintaining the ecological balance. Though sadly, each year, due to several human activities, the wildlife is depleting rapidly. However, thankfully, many nations have collectively decided to work towards preserving the precious wildlife. Also read: 9 Exotic Animals Found In The Indian Himalayas India has numerous wildlife sanctuaries, biosphere reserves, national parks, conservation areas, reserved and protected areas and forests across its length and breadth.

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