7 Brilliant Relics Of The Mughal Empire That You Cannot Miss!; Srushti; Nativeplanet

India – Humayun’s Tomb, Delhi

India is a country rich with heritage of numerous exceptional dynasties in the world. One such dynasty is, without a doubt, the Mughal Empire. From eons, every kid in the country has been taught about the greatness and downfalls of the Mughal Empire. Naturally, the Empire has left behind a number of magnificent relics that teach us so much about the royal dynasty; each relic with a story of its own. History Of The Mughal Empire Here’s a brief brush up to the history of Mughal Empire that we all studied back in school. The word “Mughal” is an Indo-Aryan term for the word “Mongol”. The story of the Mughals began when Babur, a Mongol leader founded the dynasty in 1526. Their rule extended for most parts of India, along with parts of Afghanistan and Balochistan.

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