A Hungarian national wonder is among the top 23 in Europe; Zsoka Kovacs; Daily News Hungary

Hungary – Caves of Aggtelek Karst and Slovak Karst

Hungary is full of breathtakingly beautiful sights, such as Hévíz and the mysterious underground worlds in the country. After the Balaton-Uplands being included in the Top 44 Hidden Treasures of Europe by Mastercard, now has listed the Aggtelek Karst as the 17th most beautiful national wonder of Europe. The Aggtelek Karst is found in the Aggtelek National Park, which actually lies on the Hungarian-Slovakian border, thus it is divided and shared between the two countries. The Karst has altogether 712 caves, and it isn’t the first time it has been given attention: in 1995, the biggest stalactite caves were marked as World Heritage Sites by the UNESCO. Apart from the stalactite caves, visitors can check out the crystal caves, caves with crystal clear lakes, concert halls built in the caves. If you are interested, visit the Aggtelek National Park’s homepage.

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