11 Beautiful And Surprising Places You Have To Visit In Oman; Yaya & Lloyd; Hand Luggage Only

Oman – Bahla Fort

When you think of visiting the Middle East, thoughts usually turn to destinations like the Dubai or Abu Dhabi (in the U.A.E.), Petra (in Jordan) or even the pyramids of Egypt but one gem that’s often overlooked in Oman!

See, when it comes to sights to see – particularly on the natural front – Oman isn’t like a lot of Middle Eastern countries and boasts some amazing natural wonders you probably wouldn’t expect to find here. As it’s the Middle East, I expected deserts and lots of Arabesque archtiecture but Oman is about so much more than that (no exaggeration here)!But rather than rambling on about why this is the case, let me show you with the 11 places you have to visit in Oman!

1.) Wadi Nakhr Gorge

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