Levoca (North-East Slovakia); Waymarking


Slovakia – Levoča, Spišský Hrad and the Associated Cultural Monuments

Long Description:

Depicted reconstructed Renaissance-Classicist building, seat of Levoca Municipal Office (Mestský úrad), is located in town’s main public space – Námestie Majstra Pavla (Master Paul Square).

Thanks to the fact, that famous Renaissance building of historic Levoca Town Hall is occupied by Museum, the current Municipal Office (New Town Hall) you can find in this also interesting building. The Municipal Office building, built at the site of older Gothic houses in 1588, was originally Renaissance Waaghaus (Vážnica/The Old Weigh-House) – a storage warehouse where visiting merchants were required to register, weight (waage = weighing scale in German) and store their goods on the way through the town. Building, many times reubuilt and reconstructed, took its current almost Classicist appearance during reshapings in the 18/19th centuries.

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