10 Most incredible hot springs around the world you must visit; Lee Hui Bing; Marie France Asia

Turkey – Hierapolis-Pamukkale

Hot springs are one of the world’s greatest natural beauties. Wouldn’t it be incredible if we could bask in their geothermal glory for a day?

Though there exists the debate about the advantages and disadvantages of hot and cold showers, a rather undisputed fact is that a dip in the thermal waters of hot springs is actually good for you. Just a simple run-through: hot springs are basically natural hot water channels that stem from volcanoes or other underground geothermal activity. Occasionally, the temperature and pH level is suitable for people to soak in, but some are solely for viewing purposes only.

While being in extremely warm water may be concerning for some, the list of supposed benefits that soaking in the waters may bring is extremely attractive.

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