Trentino | Adventure Travel Guide; James Renhard; Mpora

Italy – The Dolomites

After an adventure that can truly claim to have something for everybody? Trentino could well be the spot for you…

Sitting in the mountainous north of Italy is the stunningly beautiful province of Trentino. Nestled among the iconic Dolomites, the Adige river flowing through its heart, and many lakes including Lake Garda, it’s hardly a surprise to discover that Trentino is an Unesco World Heritage site. Indeed, it’s this variety of landscapes on what the locals lovingly call “the sunny side of the Alps” that make Trentino truly special.

You can fly to the nearby city of Verona direct from numerous London airports. Trento, in the centre on Trentino is then roughly an hour drive or train ride away.

Why Go?

Set in an incredible location, Trentino is home to some of the most amazing nature and breathtaking landscapes you’ll see anywhere on the planet.

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