Travel dining and luxury hotels in San Juan, Puerto Rico; Patti Nickell; Lexington Herald Leader

USA – La Fortaleza and San Juan National Historic Site in Puerto Rico

On a sultry May evening, I set off on a walking tour of this city’s La Calle Loiza neighborhood. Once a seedy area that few ventured into, it is rapidly blossoming into a Caribbean cousin of Miami’s Wynwood Art District, where colorful murals decorate the facades of once dingy industrial buildings.

Tucked in between the tourist meccas of Isla Verde and Condado, Calle Loiza is a gritty ghetto turned hipster hotspot, with colorful examples of colonial architecture now housing an array of shops, bars, galleries, restaurants and, more recently, lofts and apartments.

As is frequently the case in areas such as Wynwood and La Calle Loiza, it is the artists who come first — muralists, painters, sculptors — using sidewalks and street corners as their studios.


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