Polish Government Chops Down Europe’s Primeval Forest; ENS

Poland – Białowieża Forest

WARSAW, Poland, June 22, 2017 (ENS) – European environmentalists are ringing alarm bells to alert the world to what they say is a “nightmare” of destructive logging in the Bialoweza primeval forest on the border between Poland and Belarus.

This UNESCO World Heritage site is inhabited by European bison, elk, lynx and rare species of birds, such as the three-toed woodpecker and pygmy owl. The former hunting ground of the Russian tsars is a unique wilderness within Europe.

Under the pretext of fighting the bark beetle, Poland’s ultra-conservative government is chopping down the Bialowieza forest. The latest timber-harvesting machines are being used to fell ancient oak trees in the forest.

“My worst nightmare is coming true,” said biologist Adam Bohdan from the Wild Poland Foundation, which has been researching the forest for many years.

“Only international pressure can put a stop to this nightmare,” said Bohdan.

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