Cuba taps tourism potential of historical relics; Anh Huyen; VovWorld

Cuba – Desembarco del Granma National Park

(VOVWORLD) – Cuba is famous for cigars and historical relic sites. Cuba has had 9 relic sites recognized as World Heritages by UNESCO. These are advantages for Cuba to develop its tourism.

Granma province, 675 km east of Havana, witnessed key events in Cuba’s history. With 4 out of 9 of Cuba’s cultural heritages, Granma promises to become a popular tourist destination. Bayamo, the second town established by the Spanish in Cuba, is considered the cradle of the island nation. Cuba’s national anthem was written and first sung in Bayamo.

On October 10, 1868, Bayamo became the birthplace of Cuba’s fight for independence from the Spanish colonialists. Visitors to Granma should not miss the Sierra Maestra Mountains, especially Turquino Mountain, at 1974 meters the highest peak in Cuba.

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