Prague, Czechia for Prague, a City I Will Never Forget; Wandermama; Jrmy; Seattle Pi

Czech – Historic Centre of Prague

If European cities were a necklace, Prague would be a diamond among the pearls. – anonymous

I had always wanted to go to Prague. It was mysterious to me. Different from the other European countries that I have been to so many times. But when we decided to make a business trip into a dual purpose trip, I immediately said I wanted to include Prague on the itinerary.  My husband didn’t take much convening and Prague became our time to be a family sans business partners.


Before I dive into the trip details, I think it may be helpful for you to know some of the baby items I packed, since we went with our 1-year old.

  1. Ergo 360 carrier
  2. Baby monitor
  3. About enough diapers for 10-12 changes per day (diapers can be expensive outside the US, so I opted to bring my own.)

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