Lewa House, Kenya: See Africa’s Big Five in one special place; Sue Williams; Stuff

Kenya – Mount Kenya National Park/Natural Forest

When wildlife legend Sir David Attenborough decided to make a new TV series about Africa, his producers were faced with a seemingly insurmountable problem.

The veteran broadcaster was nearing his 90th birthday and couldn’t travel with ease all around the continent for his pieces to camera in each location. So instead they came up with an ingenious solution: find one place that had examples of each type of African landscape to serve as vastly different backdrops to his appearances on screen.

And so Sir David ended up in Lewa, a massive 160-square-kilometre wildlife conservancy and UNESCO World Heritage site in the middle of Kenya, by the foothills of Mount Kenya.

As a bionomic microcosm of Africa, it was perfect, with forest, rainforest, savannah, dry desert, mountain moorland and swamp.

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