Visting Colonia Guell, Catalonia – a UNESCO heritage town; Simon; London Unattached

Spain – Works of Antoni Gaudí

Just 25 kilometres inland from Barcelona, Colonia Guell is a UNESCO heritage colony town and is a working example of Antoni Gaudi’s architecture and Catalan Modernism design.

Colony towns were modelled on the British industrial towns model, as the Industrial Revolution swept all across Europe. Eusebio Guell moved his textile factory to one of his properties in Santa Coloma, on the outskirts of Barcelona, in 1890. He then set about creating a complete town and social infrastructure to provide for his employees. He had about 1000 factory and estate management staff, so he planned the town for this capacity on day one. So Colonia Guell was formed.

Eusebio Guell first met Gaudi at the Paris World Fair in 1878 and they quickly became friends. Guell appreciated Gaudi’s designs and became his patron, supporting him in his work.

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