10 Stunning Underground Wonders of the World; Conner Jones; VIVA Lifestyle & Travel

Slovenia – Škocjan Caves

If you feel you’ve had your fill of redwood forests, California coastlines, and Swedish mountaintops, the earth’s underground is your answer. Yes, you read that right. While not nearly as accessible as some of the ‘above ground’ wonders of the world, there are plenty of places beneath the surface of our planet that can be equally (if not more) spectacular — and far less traveled. From winding underground rivers to enormous sprawling caves, we’ve made a list of the ten underground wonders of the world that you simply cannot miss.

Reed Flute Cave, China

Nestled in the mountains outside the Chinese city of Guilin, the Reed Flute Cave is a spectacular cavern system that is an absolute must see. The cave is named after reeds that grow abundantly outside the cave entrance, which people have historically used to make flutes.

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