10 Unfinished Structures Around the World; Morris M; Urban Ghosts Media

Italy – City of Vicenza and the Palladian Villas of the Veneto

There’s a romance to things that are incomplete and unfinished. Maybe the different possibilities allow our imaginations to paint something grander than it ever really could have been. Maybe it’s just the nostalgia us humans seem to have for lost projects and unrealised dreams. Whatever the reason, it’s hard to deny that such failures are endlessly fascinating. Here are 10 unfinished structures from around the world that will likely never be completed.

Bangkok Elevated Road and Train System (BERTS)

When somewhere has a name like “Thailand’s Stonehenge”, it’s hard not to feel your anticipation rising. What sort of mystical place could possibly justify such a beautiful name?

Sadly for fans of the Druidic and the New Age, the name given to the remnants of Bangkok’s Elevated Road and Train System (BERTS) is heavily ironic.

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