Sacred Shimogamo: Streams of fate and mirrors of beauty; Kenny Mah; Malay Mail Online

Japan – Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto (Kyoto, Uji and Otsu Cities)

KYOTO, June 4 — The ancient city of Kyoto is home to many a shrine and temple, many of them Unesco World Heritage sites.

One of the oldest — and surrounded by all manner of myths — is the Shimogamo Shrine in the northern part of the city. Expect streams that can tell your fortune, mirrors that can make you beautiful and more…

Located at the delta of the Kamogawa and Takanogawa rivers, Shimogamo Shrine is the revered place of worship for Kamotaketsunomi-no-mikoto, the guardian deity of Kyoto city.

According to legend, he was believed to have come to Earth in the form of Yatagarasu, the three-legged deity of the sun, and led the first emperor of Japan to settle at what is now the site of the shrine.

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