The Beatles’ Sgt Pepper album turns 50: The album that changed everything about recording music; Steve McKenna; Travelller

UK – Liverpool – Maritime Mercantile City

Liverpool has evolved massively in recent decades, from down-in-the-doldrums port to rejuvenated city of culture, a place brimming with swaggering new hotels, bars, restaurants, galleries, museums and festivals.

Yet one thing remains constant. It’s hard to walk five minutes without seeing – or hearing – something to do with The Beatles. It might be a vintage poster of a mop-topped John, Paul, Ringo and George; it might be a busker strumming Help! or Yesterday; it might be a statue of ”Eleanor Rigby”, complete with a plaque dedicated to “All the Lonely People”.

If you’re fond of the Fab Four – and I still remember, as a nipper, rummaging through my parents’ Beatles vinyl LPs and placing them under the crackling needle of our record player – a pilgrimage to this exuberant city by the River Mersey is a treat.

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