Traveling To Le Havre, France – 10 Of The Best Places To Visit; Mike; Trip101

France – Le Havre, the City Rebuilt by Auguste Perret

The English translation for Le Havre is ‘the harbor’ and Le Havre is the busiest seaport in France. Allied bombing raids in September 1944 killed 3,000 civilians during the Normandy invasion and all but destroyed the city. The rebuilding of the town was completed by August Perret and most of the restoration was done with reinforced concrete. Because of this undertaking, Le Havre is now listed as an UNESCO World Heritage site. Attractions in Le Havre include a hilltop garden with panoramic views of the city, a towering church with a captivating stained-glass tower, and a museum full of captivating paintings completed by several artists.

1. St. Joseph’s Church

Belgian Auguste Perret’s incredible architecture for this church is a Neo-gothic modern design that really shows what can be accomplished with reinforced concrete.

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