Joggins Fossil Cliffs – UNESCO World Heritage Site In Canada; Amber Pariona;

Canada – Joggins Fossil Cliffs

This world heritage site of Canada located in Nova Scotia is famous for its fossil collection, which represents life in a rainforest ecosystem from approximately 310 million years ago.

What are the Joggins Fossil Cliffs?

The Joggins Fossil Cliffs are located in the Bay of Fundy in eastern Canada. This paleontological site is home to the most complex collection of 300 million-year-old Carboniferous era fossils in the world. This era is also known as the “Coal Age” because its plant and animal remains now provide the majority of present-day coal deposits. Joggins Fossil Cliffs have been important to researchers for over one hundred years as they offer an insight into prehistoric life on earth. The Bay of Fundy experiences the highest tide levels (up to 43 feet) of any other beach around the globe, which works to erode the cliffsides and expose new fossils.

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