Wonders of the World – The Earth’s 10 Best Nature Reserves; Lisa Evans; Lost Waldo

Madagascar – Rainforests of the Atsinanana

Increasingly, humans are beginning to see the need to protect areas of special significance for their wildlife, plants, forests and sheer natural beauty. This protection should ensure that future generations are able to experience the wonder and awe of some of Earth’s most incredible landscapes.

#1 Yellowstone National Park

This huge, almost 3,500 sq. mile natural park sits on top of a dormant volcano and spreads from Wyoming to Idaho. It’s a fascinatingly diverse wilderness containing deep canyons, lush forests, the world’s largest number of geysers and acts as a habitat for a whole host of wildlife including bears and wolves. Breathtaking views and an awesome display of a volcano’s hidden powers!

#2 Banff, Canada

Banff National Park is the oldest in Canada and includes the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

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