Taishan: From where the world looks small; Louise Watt; Shanghai Daily

China – Mount Taishan

TAISHAN, or Mount Tai, is one of China’s most sacred mountains. For centuries, emperors climbed it to pay homage to Heaven and Earth. Philosopher Confucius is said to have stood at the towering top, looked down and pronounced the world a small place indeed.

It is known as the “Eastern Mountain,” or dong yue, of the Five Great Mountains of China — the other four being Mount Hua (Shaanxi Province), Mount Heng (Hunan Province), Mount Song (Henan Province) and Mount Heng (Shanxi Province). In 1987, Taishan was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

While it isn’t China’s tallest mountain standing at 1,545 meters above sea level, the way to the top is still a challenge consisting of more than 6,000 stone steps, with the option of taking a cable car halfway. Walking the whole way can take anywhere from three to seven hours.


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