Top Places You Must See When You Visit Montenegro; Sonja; Migrating Miss

Montenegro – Durmitor National Park

Montenegro wasn’t always high on my European bucket list. Actually, I probably didn’t even become aware of it as a summer destination in Europe until a couple of years ago, despite visiting nearby Croatia!

Montenegro only became an independent country in 2006, and since then they’ve been working hard to establish their reputation as a unique place to visit in Europe. I’d have to say they’ve been succeeding, and I can only imagine the popularity of Montenegro will continue to take off! From the beautiful beaches of the Adriatic Sea and the UNESCO World Heritage city of Kotor in the south to the mountainous Tara Canyon and Dorminghejg National Park in the north, Montenegro has a lot to offer.

How long should you stay in Montenegro?

You should stay in Montenegro for at least a week, if possible.

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