Unesco moves to protect the beauty of Montenegro’s historic town of Kotor for future generations; Annemarie McCarthy; Lonely Planet

Montenegro – Natural and Culturo-Historical Region of Kotor

The gorgeous medieval town of Kotor is a natural choice for tourists wanting to explore the beauty of the Balkans but, like other popular hotspots, it runs the risk of excessive tourism damaging what makes it beautiful. Now Unesco is taking steps to protect the World Heritage Site.

Kotor has been an Unesco World Heritage Site since 1979 due to its gorgeous, well-preserved architecture and seamless integration of the town with the sweeping landscape. Yet the national government and Unesco are now at odds on how to preserve and protect it. On its website, Unesco warns that “current developments, including new tourism centres, roads, and buildings on the coast itself, threaten to lead to the gradual yet irreversible transformation of the coastline as well as the abandonment of the traditional terraced structures.”

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