Why Split, Croatia should be on your travel radar; Sarah Tate; The Journal

Croatia – Historical Complex of Split with the Palace of Diocletian

Planning a trip to Croatia? It’s likely that Dubrovnik is on your itinerary. Everyone knows about Dubrovnik, what with its whole Game of Thrones connection.

So, when I tell people I’ve spent the last month in Split, I’m met with some entertaining responses. Some are along the lines of what the hell am I doing and when am I coming back to ‘reality’, but others, the ones that concern me most, say something like: “What could you possibly be doing in Split for that long? It’s just a stop-over on the way to Dubrovnik.”

I mean, I guess if you’re not into exploring 1,700 years of history, indulging in truly fantastic (and underrated) cuisine, buzzing nightlife, and gorgeous coastline everywhere you look, then sure, it’s just a stop-over.

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