Travelling to Kiev for the Eurovision Contest? | 10 Things to do While You’re There!; Mike Holland; Lost Waldo

Ukraine – Kiev: Saint-Sophia Cathedral and Related Monastic Buildings, Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

Every year, Europe gathers to embrace the love of music and song. Often with hilarity and sometimes with controversy, the Eurovision always gets people talking, and this year it travels to Kiev. If you’re lucky enough to be witnessing this tuneful extravaganza, then you’ll also want to check out the best sights of Kiev and what better way to introduce them to you, than with some classic Eurovision winning song titles!

#1 ‘Take Me to Your Heaven’ – Sweden 1999

The jaw-droppingly beautiful St. Sophia Cathedral is a must-see attraction with UNESCO World Heritage status. Featuring 11th-century mosaics and paintings that are over a thousand years old, you’ll be staggered by the history that seeps through every pore of this magnificent cathedral. An incredibly calm and spiritual visit awaits you here when you travel to Kiev.

#2 ‘Hallelujah’ – Israel 1979

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