Splendid Xi’an: old and new in China’s ancient Tang capital; Damian Harper; Lonely Planet

China – Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor

It was once called the ‘city of enduring peace’ (Chang’an) and served as the capital of China during the empire’s cultural golden age, the Tang dynasty (618-907). A perennial stop for history-loving travellers, Xi’an is home to the country’s longest intact city wall and it is a place steeped in Silk Road narrative.

As synonymous with China’s astonishing history as the Great Wall, the silently mesmerising spectacle of the Army of Terracotta Warriors remains Xi’an’s drawcard experience. And in 2017, the site celebrates 30 years since its inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

With new high-speed rail and flight connections, a visa-free transit scheme and combo of old world Chinese heritage and up-and-coming hotspots, this year is shaping up to the be a better time than ever to discover Xi’an’s marvels.

Warriors of clay

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