Buddha Purnima 2017: 12 famous Buddhist caves in Maharashtra; Anoop Menon; India.com

India – Ellora Caves

This Buddha Purnima, explore the ancient Buddhist caves carved out across Maharashtra.

Maharashtra as we know it today gets its identity mostly from the Maratha Empire and the capital city of Mumbai. But centuries ago, the Western Ghats that snake through the state were home to Buddhists who found solitude among the hills. The caves became a canvas for the monks, who carved out stories and images from their religion as a sign of devotion and to spread their message. Today, these Buddhist caves in Maharashtra remain in immaculate condition. With Buddha Purnima falling on May 10 this year, let’s explore the most famous of these caves.

Ajanta Caves

The Aurangabad district of Maharashtra has quite a collection of Buddhist caves, and the 30 Ajanta Caves are probably the most famous of them.

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