5 Wonders To Explore In Mongolia: Best Places For Nature Lovers; Johanna Michelle Lim; Trip101

Mongolia – Petroglyphic Complexes of the Mongolian Altai

Mongolia has the lowest population density among all the countries in the world. There are only two people for every square kilometer of Mongolian land. By this statement, you can surmise that nature still rules, in this country.

But Nature takes on a completely different context. Whereas you’ll perhaps imagine endless pastures, waterfalls, or dense forests (although there’s that, too), Mongolia is really more well-known for its empty deserts and the people who have learned to live with such topography and have even found sanctity in it. It is not lush, so much as vast. Mongolians, especially the traditional nomads, have learned to utilize whatever the terrain has given them. They have learned to rely on nature that nurtures no matter what, with a resilience that has made their keen survival skills world-famous.

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