European vacation crosses borders and explores history; Erica Pennington; Beloit Daily News

Belgium – Historic Centre of Brugge

Clean clothes? Yup. Disposable Kodak camera? Check. Box full of AA batteries to keep beats bumping in my transparent-blue Discman? Got it.

Traveling sure was different when I was a kid. My familys vacations usually involved endless hours in the car. We never flew anywhere, and as such, we generally didnt stray too far away from Iowa.

Now that I suppose Im considered a “grownup,” it is one of my goals to see and learn about as much of the world as I can.

My parents do a bit more traveling now that theyre empty-nesters. Portable CD players have been traded out for USB ports, but they still see everything from the car. Their recent excursions have been to Florida, the Gulf Coast and even out to Las Vegas. Neither had ever been out of the country or thought much about it.

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