A Day Exploring Persepolis and Necropolis; Ellen Burne; TRAVELLING THE WORLD SOLO

Iran – Persepolis

By this point, I think I have pretty well established that Shiraz is an undeniably beautiful city. However, two of the cities biggest attractions actually lie quite a few kilometres outside the city limits.

Naqsh-e Rustam (more commonly referred to as simply ‘Necropolis’) is an ancient necropolis located approximately 55km north-east of Shiraz.

At this site you’ll find four ancient tombs cut into the side of a rocky cliff-face. One of these tombs is clearly marked and was the resting place of Darius I. The other three tombs are less clearly marked, but are believed to have belonged to Xerxes I, Ataxerxes I and Darius II.

All four tombs were carved very high above the ground, and the entrance point for each tomb is at the centre of each cross.

Unfortunately, these tombs have long since been left empty.

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