24 Hours In Chennai: The One City In South India You Shouldn’t Miss; Breanna Wilson; Forbes

India – Group of Monuments at Mahabalipuram

You may have heard of Chennai recently as the trendy new Indian vacation destination, but it’s anything but new. Seasoned adventurers have long celebrated the seaside capital of Tamil Nadu as the “soul” of South India, with its incredibly vibrant people, unforgettable cuisine, and its rich tradition of arts and culture. Today, the city formerly known as Madras is an explorer’s paradise, showcasing a rich diversity in culture and history that is reflected in every facet of life. Don’t expect 24 hours to be nearly enough time to fully explore the soul of South India, but a quick visit is better than nothing, and will certainly leave you intrigued for more.

Head to Mylapore for Kapaleeshwarar Temple and the City’s Best Silk Sarees

With only 24 hours, a great place to start your adventure is Mylapore.

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