East Africa: Tanzania Hydropower Project a Threat to Heritage Site; Erick Kabendera; allAfrica.com

Tanzania – Selous Game Reserve

The directive by the Tanzanian Controller and Auditor-General that the government revive a $2.6 billion Stiegler Gorge hydroelectricity project may harm one of East Africa’s largest protected areas.

The project, which is to be constructed in the Selous Game Reserve — a Unesco World Heritage Site — is projected to generate 2,100MW, but conservationists warn against developing it.

In his report tabled in parliament, the Controller and Auditor-General said the Rufiji Basin Development Authority (Rubada), which is managing the project, was facing an acute shortage of financial resources to execute the project and asked the government to intervene to save the project.

The project is located in the Rufiji catchment areas, the largest river basin in East Africa, covering 175,000 hectares and producing over 80 per cent of the country’s hydroelectricity. However, there are concerns that human activities are threatening water sources.

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