Canal du Midi: A UNESCO World Heritage Site In France; Joyce Chepkemoi;

France – Canal du Midi

A 241 km long canal in Southern France, the Canal du Midi is considered one of the greatest construction works of the 17th century.

Canal du Midi is a waterway system that was built in the 17th century in southwestern France. The canal covers a length of 150 miles with an average depth of 6.5 feet and a width of about 33 feet. The canal begins at Toulouse and runs through Seuil de Naurouze, Castelnaudry, Carcassonne, through the Fonserannes Locks, Trebes, Beziers to Agde and ends at the Etang de Thau. The Seuil de Nauronze section of the canal forms the highest point of the canal with an elevation of 186 feet. The Canal du Midi was previously owned by Pierre-Paul Riquet, but ownership was passed to the French State through the November 27, 1897, Act.


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