Protecting the Great Barrier Reef: Scientists believe VINEGAR could help save the natural wonder of the world; Jeff Parsons; Mirror Online

Australia – Great Barrier Reef

Australia’s marine ecosystem is under threat and household vinegar may be able to help it.

The Great Barrier Reef is being destroyed by two totally separate things .

The first is changing patterns in water temperature caused by global warming and the second is a common marine pest.

Crown-of-thorns starfish are known to munch happily on the colourful coral that makes up the reef. They are devouring the coral faster than it is able to regenerate.

The starfish has become much more common in recent years, due to pollution. But scientists believe they have found a new way of fighting back against it.

Until now, special chemicals have been employed to try and fight back against the pest without damaging the UNESCO World Heritage site. But a study from James Cook University shows that common vinegar could work just as well.


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