The Most Visited Paid Tourist Attractions In Israel; World Atlas

Israel – Masada

Although the Western Wall is regarded as the most visited attraction in Israel, the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo is the most visited paid site in the country.

Tourism plays an important role in the economy of Israel by creating jobs and bringing revenue into the country. Israel is a popular tourist destination and offers beaches, religious sites, ecotourism, and historical sites. Israel received approximately 3.54 million tourists in 2013. This article takes a closer look at the most popular paid tourist attractions here.

10. Qumran National Park

The Qumran National Park is located around 1 mile from the Dead Sea in the West Bank of Israel. It is home to the archaeological ruins of a settlement from the Hellenistic period, which survived from between 134 BC and 68 AD. This park is also the site of the caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls, ancient manuscripts, were discovered.

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