Syrian Arab Republic

Syrians Reclaim Their Heritage and Sovereignty in Bosra al-Sham; Mariam Elba; Muftah

Syria – Ancient City of Bosra

As we’ve covered previously, Syrian grassroots initiatives continue to build alternative social and civic institutions against seemingly impossible odds. Last January, Sina Zekavat of Mangal Media documented one such incredible initiative by the citizens of Bosra al-Sham, a town adjacent to Deraa in the south of the country.

The town is a UNESCO World Heritage site containing invaluable historic sites, including a large Roman amphitheater, and the Al Omari Mosque, one of the world’s oldest standing mosques.

The town was the target of the Assad regime’s bombing campaigns until the Free Syrian Army took control in March 2015.

What followed was an extraordinary refurbishing of the town’s archeological sites, and the institution of collective ownership by the people of Bosra al-Sham over their history and heritage. Zekavat writes:

Since the town’s liberation, an extensive restoration project has taken place in the archaeological site.

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