An Adventure Through Mesa Verde National Park; Tom Malone; The Adventure Tribune

USA – Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde, a U.S. National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site located in southern Colorado, provides history, nature, and adventure in an easily accessible road trip.

Traveling into the high desert of southern Colorado produces a crisp feeling. The sun rises, but the air remains brisk and clear. Snow often graces the roadside mountain peaks, sometimes melting by midday.

As you drive further into no-man’s land, the quintessential National Park sign appears. Pass the Mesa Verde entrance sign and you’ve made it, only to face another 30-minute drive through endless mesas to reach your first viewpoint.

What Is Mesa Verde?

The road trip to Mesa Verde is worth every ounce of effort. There’s no comparison to witnessing 700-year-old neighborhoods carved into the side of a canyon wall.

President Theodore Roosevelt established Mesa Verde National Park on June 29, 1906, to “preserve the works of man.”

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