Riding to The Land of Thunder Dragons; Karan Aklujkar; Tripoto

India – Khajuraho Group of Monuments

Of the billions  of people in the world, only 1% would opt for something like this. It takes guts, sure. But more than that, it takes passion. And riding is our passion. But for us, riding is not just a passion, it’s a feeling. Riding is what defines us. Riding is what bonds us.

From highways to ghats, roads to no roads, low lying valleys to high mountain passes, sunshine to snowfall, we crossed it all. We braved it all. And it was not one bit easy. Our bikes were tested, body was tested, patience was tested, endurance was tested. Bikes and bones creaked, hands turned blue due to the cold. We felt like giving up. We felt like stopping it all. But we didn’t. We reminded ourselves why we were doing it. We reminded ourselves of our passion and we kept on going.

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