Grand-Pré: A UNESCO World Heritage Site In Canada –

Canada – Landscape of Grand Pré

The cultural landscape of Grand-Pré bears testimony to the development agricultural farmland in the 17th century by the Acadians.

What Is Grand-Pré?

Grand-Pré is a community located in the rural regions of Kings County, Nova Scotia, Canada. It sits on a peninsula that protrudes into the Minas Basin and is surrounded by marshland. It includes the archaeological ruins of aboiteau wooden sluice systems and dyked farmland. These systems were created by the Acadian population during the 1600s. Since then, the have continued to be developed and utilized. This site also displays the most extreme tidal movements in the world, with tides measuring at 38 feet in depth. Grand-Pré and its surrounding area have been listed as a monument to the Acadian culture and lifestyle. It was inducted to the UNESCO World Heritage Site list on June 30, 2012.

Why Is Grand-Pré A UNESCO World Heritage Site?

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