Antoni Gaudí’s Casa Vicens to open as a museum in the fall; Lauren Ro; Curbed

Spain – Works of Antoni Gaudí

It is listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site

Originally slated to open last year, Antoni Gaudí’s Casa Vicens in Barcelona will finally open its doors as a museum in autumn after a few setbacks delayed the completion of the renovation. The opulently tiled Casa Vicens is the Catalan architect’s first residence and a prime example of his orientalist period. It was built as a summer home between 1883 and 1885 for Manel Vicens, a wealthy industrialist.

Graphic, geometric, and wholly unique, the brick-and-stone, freestanding building features four levels, including a basement for storage, a ground floor comprising the common areas and kitchen, the second for bedrooms, and the third floor for servants’ quarters.

In 1925, the Jover family, who bought the house in 1899, commissioned architect Joan Baptista Serra de Martínez, a friend of Gaudí’s, to expand the property—with Gaudí’s blessing.

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