Via Crucis via cruises: Visita Iglesia on the cruise route; Deni Rose M. Afinidad-Bernardo; The Philippine Star

Philippines – Baroque Churches of the Philippines

MANILA, Philippines — Every Holy Week, Filipinos, who are mostly Roman Catholic, observe religious traditions such as Via Crucis or 14 Stations of the Cross, wherein they commemorate every step in Jesus Christ’s passion and suffering by offering prayers to every station of the cross found in different churches or holy locations.

Every Holy Thursday, Roman Catholic Filipinos also visit seven churches and offer their prayers to God in each church, a custom known as the Visita Iglesia (literally, “church visit” in Spanish).

The traditional means of doing Via Crucis and Visita Iglesia is by foot or by land travel. There are also those who have found unusual ways such as stopping by the churches along the Manila-Laoag-Kaohsiung-Hong Kong route of Superstar Virgo, arguably the first cruise ship to make Manila its home port.

Get to know these centers of worship and their historical relevance.

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